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We at the Vermont Switchel Works are taking REIs advice to heart and not only are we opting out of shopping Black Friday we are taking it way outside to the Himalayas for a little trekking! We suggest you do the same and #optoutside; just take along some Vermont Switchel as you hike, bike, ski, ride, surf, or stroll! Of course, you can then complete your holiday shopping on Cyber Monday as our crew will be back at the Switchel Works to fill you orders. Shipping is always included so no figuring out rates and there isn’t a US zip code we cannot accommodate.

If all goes well we will be toasting our successful trek by sipping switchel atop Thorong La sometime around December 8th!

Until then we are giving thanks for the land that sustains us, the community that supports us, and the good fortune of time off with family!

switchel acorns!