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I had my first glass of Switchel at an Alexander family gathering in Glover decades ago; it was love at first sip.  I recall thinking “this is so good, and so good for you I should bottle this for everyone to drink”.  Since then I have been playing around with recipes and making Switchel for my family with a persistent bug to perfect the recipe and produce it on a large scale.  Two kids and two careers later Switchel has been launched with a blend of nutritious ingredients that will slake your thirst, please your palate and change your mind about energy drinks and apple cider vinegar forever.

I love hearing from older customers about their memories of drinking Switchel, Haymakers Punch, Ginger Juice or other variant as much as I love hearing from our newly converted fans including a spunky and colorful 13-year old who exclaimed with animation “wow, it’s just like a slap in the face!” So please, whether it’s via  FacebookTwitter, or the form below, send me your thoughts, comments and ideas because I do this for you!

– Susan Alexander, Owner

318 Tetreault Road, Cabot, VT 05647